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Africa – Business Networking (Facebook)

Africa – Business Networking (LinkedIn)

Animal Health – Business Development, Sourcing, Jobs (LinkedIn)

Animal Health – Business Development, Sourcing, Jobs (Facebook)

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Asia – Business Networking (Facebook)

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Australia & Oceania – Business Networking (LinkedIn)

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There is a simple way to support our “On Purpose Venture Cup” (social and green entrepreneurs competition)

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On Purpose is an initiative to support founders of start-up companies in the field of green, social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Activities are centered around the On Purpose business plan competition for start-ups. Expert advisers are supporting the initiative by acting as coaches, peer reviewers or general experts for the start-up businesses. The spectrum of these network partners covers all areas being essential for entrepreneurs to establish their new company. The exchange of information with these experienced professionals helps to highlight and address potential problems already at an early stage. Moreover, the early interaction is beneficial for both: future entrepreneurs get easy access to economic and legal information whilst the network partners get to know the newest trends in the field.

The business plan competition encourages future entrepreneurs to bring forward their ideas in the field of green, social and sustainable entrepreneurship. It supports the development of an idea into a business plan, whilst providing a platform which helps to incorporate start-up companies.

Phase 1: Your idea

In this first stage of the competition, you submit a short (~ 3 pages), concise description of your idea and your potential customers. Your ideas will be reviewed by industry experts and you will receive several written feedbacks from different reviewers.

Phase 2: Your business concept

Aim of this phase is to generate a brief, concise description of your future business. This includes your company’s representation and a forecasting market evaluation. A convincing executive summary is the key part of the business concept. Again, you will receive written feedback from different reviewers.

Phase 3: Your business plan

In the third phase of the competition you establish your complete business plan. Our panel of experts is evaluating all submitted business plans and written feedback is being provided. In addition, the winners have the chance to participate in individual workshops and to win valueable prizes.

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Green, Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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